When you’re not chilling in a cold room with a cold drink, how much can you afford?

If you have to spend your entire day in a small room, you might need to make some tough choices about how much to spend on beverages.

A new report from the Consumer Federation of America estimates that you can spend up to $4,200 on drinks in a year in a room that’s not as big as the one where you’re chilling.

That’s because you’re likely to be using the same bar as the person you’re with, the report says.

But if you’re sharing a room with another person, you may need to spend even more on drinks.

The report estimates that a single adult who stays at a two-person motel for a week can spend $1,100 in one year.

If you stay at a three-person hotel for the same amount of time, your room costs $3,100.

To put that in perspective, a four-bedroom house in a pricey area like Los Angeles rents for $1 million a year.

“It’s not a cheap way to spend money,” said Michelle Johnson, a spokesperson for the Consumer Foundation, which is a trade group for the beverage industry.

“I think people should think about it when they’re there, especially when they want to have a good time.”

To get an idea of the amount you can save, the Consumer Bank of America surveyed 1,000 households, asking them what they spent each month on food, entertainment and other goods.

It found that a $1 increase in the cost of alcohol per person would save $1.23 in grocery bills.

The average price of alcohol for one liter of beer at a bar in the city of Chicago is $2.49.

The Consumer Federation estimates that $2 would get you $1 more per person per night if you spend the same per capita on the same beverages.

“We found that most consumers don’t realize how much it costs to drink a single alcoholic drink,” Johnson said.

“They think they’re getting it for free.

When you are spending a lot of money on beverages, you’re putting a lot into the hands of consumers that are paying more in taxes.”

What’s the average cost of a two liter bottle of beer?

A two-liter bottle of Bud Light is $1 to $2 more expensive per gallon than a two gallon jug of Budweiser.

A two liter Miller Lite is $3 to $5 more expensive than a Bud Light.

The cost of an extra half a liter of Bud is about $1 cheaper than a $4 bottle of Coke.

What are the typical costs of drinking at a restaurant?

Most diners at restaurants will spend about $3.50 per person for food and drinks.

That means a person who orders a burger at a Burger King can pay $10 more for it than someone ordering a cheeseburger at the same place.

That difference is partly because the price of a burger is higher in the states where you live, which means the food costs more in those states.

What’s a five-person household worth?

The average cost per person in the United States is about 40 cents per day, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But a single person will likely spend less than $100 per week on food and drink, according a survey from the National Association of Realtors.

A typical five-member household will spend around $300 per week.

For the same person, that includes $1 per meal, $2 per drink and $1 for entertainment.

If that’s a lot, you should consider how much you can afford to spend to meet those costs.

If someone is living with a partner, there are benefits to sharing a hotel room, Johnson said, but those benefits are likely to come at the cost to your family.

“That’s the biggest benefit you can have if you share a room,” Johnson told Fox News.

“You can share a bed, you can share laundry.

If your family needs a break, you don’t have to be in a hotel.

You can take a few hours out of your life to do it.”