‘I’m not sure we have any choice’: ‘We’re in the middle of a war zone’

In a country where people are afraid of getting in trouble for saying something controversial, the words “I’m a liberal” and “I don’t believe in God” are being tossed around as a rallying cry.

And so it’s with some trepidation that a former Marine and conservative commentator has taken to Twitter to declare that the US is in the “middle of a mass civil war” and the government has no right to legislate to prevent the public from expressing what they believe in.

“I don�t believe in any god, and I’m not afraid of being punished for saying things I disagree with,” Richard B. Spencer tweeted in an apparent reference to the President Donald Trump�s proposed ban on transgender people in the military.

“If we have to fight a civil war, I don�ll fight for the country.

I’m just an American.”

Spencer has a long history of controversial commentary, including an infamous tweet from March 2017 that said the US would soon be “at war with the Islamic State,” but the tweet that ignited his recent spat with the White House and media is perhaps his most controversial.

That tweet, in which he described the Islamic state as the “greatest existential threat to civilization” and a “sick, twisted, murderous entity,” drew widespread condemnation from conservatives, who accused him of being a Muslim who would later use the phrase “radical Islam.”

That tweet caused a storm of criticism on social media, with some critics labeling it an act of terrorism.

The former Marine is now trying to make amends, telling The Washington Post that the tweet was “not the intent” of his tweet and that he “never meant to incite violence.”

“I was just making fun of the idea that there is an Islamic war on us,” Spencer said.

“I thought it was funny.”

But he said he was “deeply disturbed” by the White the current administration is pursuing.

“We’re living in a war in the Middle East.

We have ISIS, we have ISIL.

We�ve got the Muslim Brotherhood,” Spencer added.”

They are evil and they have no respect for anything.

We need to take them out.

We can’t afford it.

We don�ve had enough of them.”

The Washington Post has reached out to the Trump White House for comment on this story.

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