How to Make a Cold Room at Home

The Cold Room is an indoor, open-air space for cold patients to relax and unwind during the day, according to a blog post from Dr. James DeWitt of Dr. Wipes and Wounds in Nashville, Tennessee.

DeWits Cold Room provides a warm place to recharge after a night of sleep deprivation, which can be an advantage if the patient is sick or injured.

The warm room can also help relieve some of the stress of having to deal with an active patient.

A person can also use the cold room to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day.

The post is written by Dr. Robert Stahl of Stahl & Associates, and includes a video of a cold room.

Here’s a look at the process.

Here’s how to make a coldroom.


You need a big area to fit the patient inside. 

A person with a mild heart condition or someone with a history of heart failure should probably have a small room with about a dozen chairs in it, DeWett said. 

In a warm room, a person can use a blanket or pillow to rest on.

You can also lay down on the floor and stretch out on a soft surface to cool off.

You may also want to add a small mirror for a calming effect. 

If you have a large room, you can also leave a window open for a second window, or you can place a blanket over the windows to make it more comfortable. 

DeWitt recommends a small bed or a futon to help the patient relax and keep him or her warm. 


You’ll need to have the appropriate equipment to operate. 

This will be the most important step in making the coldroom, De Witt said.

You will need to be able to operate the equipment, as well as set up the warm room. 

You will need a vacuum cleaner, a cold storage bag, a heat-resistant pillow, and a warm-up towel to clean up the mess left behind. 


Make sure you don’t burn your hands while cleaning up. 

There are a few places you may want to avoid touching the patient if you are doing the operation. 

The first thing to check is to make sure there are no burn marks on the patient.

You want to make your hands as comfortable as possible, so if there is any burn or burn marks, they should be removed with a tissue. 

Once you’ve cleaned up the patient, you may need to take him or herself to the operating room for a CT scan to be performed. 


Make the operating area warm.