What happens when you get cold in the cold room?

The sport bible says you can use a cold room to practice your moves or even a chair for an easy recovery session.

The sports bible has published an article titled ‘What happens when a cold door closes’.

It says: ‘As the cold door is closing you may need to try and get into the room as soon as possible.’

The article also warns against putting your feet up against the wall as it can help you get more comfortable.

It says if you get a cold, there is a good chance you will end up in a room with people who do not like you and that you may get into trouble.

What does it mean if you have a cold?

The article says: If you feel uncomfortable, put your feet on the floor or the floor behind you, or use a chair.

If you are not comfortable in the room, put yourself down on the sofa or bed, or a wall.

You may also feel as if your arms and legs are being dragged up the wall by someone.

If you feel cold, or your temperature drops, or you feel dizzy or faint, you may want to go to the toilet.

The article advises you to go into the toilet as soon you can.

When you feel like you have recovered, it says to go back to the hotel.