Which room is cold in Montreal?

Montréal, QC — Cold room montréal is the name given to a Montreal neighbourhood where a single cold room can be found in most apartment buildings.

The term has come to describe the fact that in a few blocks, there are a handful of cold rooms that can be rented out in the city.

It has been a popular term for some time.

In 2011, a group of Montrealers created the term, which has become an urban legend.

Since then, the number of cold room rooms has soared, with some people saying the average number of nights a year is double what they would normally get.

As of July 30, the Montreal rental market had more than 2,300 cold room nights.

Hotels across the city have reported double-digit occupancy rates.

According to hotel data, the average occupancy rate for a hotel room is 15.5%.

The average price for a single room in the Montreal market was $1,849.77 in January, up 9% from January of last year.