When will I be able to see my family again?

The family members are currently under house arrest, and it will be difficult for them to leave the country. 

According to the latest news, it will take at least two weeks to reach the third country of India to visit them, in Thailand.

The family has been living in a room at the Rajahampura Hotel in Chennai. 

The hotel has been shut down for the last six months after the death of a guest, who was a resident of the hotel.

The hotel’s management said that the guest was “totally innocent”. 

The family’s home is located in a suburb of Chennai and was in close proximity to the Rajahsagaram Road railway station.

The Rajahsagaraam Road was closed due to the monsoon season. 

Police have also launched a case into the death and are currently investigating the case.

The death was the third in two years in the city.

 A senior police officer said that police have been working on the case for two months and have so far arrested no one.