When you get sick, cold room can be the last place to stay for a while.

The best cold room in Canada is actually an empty room on a roof in Montreal, the CBC reports.

It’s not an air-conditioned one, it’s a bare room, but that doesn’t mean the room isn’t a very comfortable place to spend some time.

The air is hot, the bed is made from a plastic bag, and it’s not quite as warm as the cold room on the roof.

It could be cold enough to leave you with a fever.

But if you’re like us, it may not be cold at all.

“Cold rooms are the last places you want to be when you get cold,” says Scott Campbell, a certified health and wellbeing professional.

He advises getting a few extra blankets and towels to put on the cold rooms you stay in.

“We’re looking for people that can stay in a room for longer periods of time than they normally would, so we’re trying to get a room that’s comfortable for that period of time,” he says.

But what if you don’t want to stay in one room?

“It’s like, how much time can you stay at the same room?” he says, adding that you could stay in the room for a few days, or even a few weeks.

“There’s a few things that could happen.”

Campbell says the best thing to do is to find a hotel that has a warm room, or maybe just a room on one of the rooftops.

The CBC spoke to a few people who had cold rooms, and one of them said he would be willing to share his room with someone if it was comfortable.

The only problem?

That person wouldn’t be in a warm place.

The real question is, what would happen if you were to leave your room?

Campbell says a warm, clean room can keep you comfortable for several weeks, but the real question isn’t, how long can you keep your room warm, but, what if there’s a virus that can keep your body cold?

You may not even know it yet.

“If you’ve got a virus, it could be a little bit worse,” Campbell says.

“The longer you’re in a cold room and the colder it gets, the worse it gets.”

That could mean you could end up in the hospital, or worse.

Campbell recommends using a “safety blanket” to keep you warm, and that may not help you if you end up staying in a hot room.

He also recommends using an air mattress to keep your feet warm.

But a “sneaker” or “snow boot” can be helpful, too, to keep them warm.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information recommends using either a “tissue softener” or a “skin care product” to help keep you cool.

The best way to stay warm is by staying in an airy room that is comfortable for you.

The trick to staying warm in a hotel?

Stay hydrated.

Stay in the shade.

Keep your bed warmer.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy room, just a comfortable one.

But for people who want to get away from the cold, or who are uncomfortable staying in the cold without a blanket, the best place to go is the rooftop.