‘You can’t put up with this’: Woman takes on Cold Room construction in a bid to save her home

A woman has been ordered to dismantle her cold room and install new insulation, after she and her partner moved in after being evicted from their house.

The couple were evicted for not living up to a minimum of 60 per cent of their council’s requirements, but they were told to leave after two months because of a lack of insulation.

Instead, the couple have had to build a new, more efficient cold room.

Caitlin Murphy was told to remove the original Cold Room, which is made of an insulating membrane.

She then had to replace the insulating material with a new insulated structure made from solar panels and recycled wood.

Ms Murphy, from Northamptonshire, said she was “disappointed” by the ruling.

“It was a huge cost of money to make a very expensive cold room,” she said.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The council does not comment on individual cases, and is unable to provide information about individual cases that may arise.”

The Council’s insulation program is designed to reduce the impact of a heatwave, protect property values, and reduce the risk of heat-related problems.

“In a heat-wave, it is essential that all occupants of the property have a temperature of at least 30 degrees Celsius to prevent heat loss.”

Ms Wilson, from South Wales, said the decision was “hugely frustrating”.

“I’ve been in the cold room for about four months now, and it’s been a nightmare,” she told BBC News.

Mr Murphy said the council’s new insulation was “very good quality” and that he would like to return to the original but said the new insulation cost £2,000.

He said the insulation did not comply with the Council’s building code.

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