‘Cold Room’ may be the most expensive thing you will ever buy in Ireland

We are used to the idea that we are paying for everything we buy.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the world’s largest retailer is also the most extravagant.

It has a cold room in the heart of the town, with a private entrance and a large glass front door.

It also has a giant projector screen that sits on the wall above the door.

There is a giant video wall and, most importantly, a giant TV.

There are four TV screens in total and the price is only €8.50.

The room is furnished and has a large fridge, a huge washing machine, a hot shower, a microwave and, of course, the coldest thing you can buy in the world.

And there are a lot of cold rooms.

According to the Irish Times, there are at least 100 in the country.

The number of cold room restaurants in Ireland is currently around 1,000.

The price for a chilled meal can run into the thousands, and the best deals can be had in some of the more pricey hotels in the city.

And while most of these establishments are in town, they can be found in other parts of Ireland, too.

The cheapest one in Dublin is a local restaurant called the Odeon Hotel, and there are even some restaurants in the town of Waterford.

In Cork, the cheapest cold room place is the B&B Hotel in Cork City.

A quick trip to the hotel on a Sunday can leave you with €100 worth of food, drink and a meal.

And when you have the money, there’s also a huge range of items, from the best to the most basic.

Here are some of our favourite places to eat in Ireland.