Porkka’s cold room specifications

Porkka cold rooms are used for meat cooking and also as cold room accessories for meat producers, said Yogesh Srinivasan, CEO of Porkka, a major meat processor.

They are also used in the production of cheese, rice and bread, he said.

Porkka sells more than 300 cold rooms at retail outlets, he added.

Srinivasans company had acquired cold room specialist Coldroom Ltd in October 2015, with the idea of opening a nationwide network of Coldroom facilities.

But as the global demand for meat in India had increased, the number of cold room facilities opened had declined.

Sarnath Ramachandran, a consultant with global consultancy KPMG, said cold room infrastructure is becoming a bottleneck in the country.

“India is not getting enough cold rooms.

It’s going to be very difficult for the industry to continue expanding,” he said in an interview.

Sangam Prakash, co-founder of Cold Room, which sells cold room services in 50 states and union territories, said the demand for cold room in India is increasing at a rate of 25-30% every year.

“We have reached the point where there is an expectation that there is going to come a time when we will open 50 facilities across the country,” he added, noting that it would be a “huge investment”.

Srinivans company is currently planning to build five new cold rooms across India in the next five years.

Prakass team of cold rooms experts are in talks with the state governments of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat to procure the facilities, he claimed.