China to Offer Free Hotel Rooms in 2018

The Chinese government will offer free hotel rooms in 2018, as the country pushes to cut greenhouse gas emissions and help its industrial sectors.

Emerson Cold Room, a hotel and spa chain, announced plans in January for the facility to open in 2021, with plans to open a second one in 2021.

The plan is part of the government’s push to make a comeback to its once-dominant role in the global hotel industry, where it has been in decline.

The company said it will open an additional hotel room in 2022.

Emerson Cold room, which opened in New York in 2016, has seen its popularity decline in recent years, but the company said in a statement that it will continue to offer free rooms in the future, even as its facilities in the United States have become more expensive.

“China’s hotel industry is now in its infancy and has not yet established a strong foothold in the world market, but it is important to us that the industry will have a strong presence in the market,” the company wrote in the statement.