What you need to know about the cold room experience

As winter comes to an end, you might want to rethink the cold rooms you visit during your stay in Canada.

CBC News has been researching the experience of visiting cold rooms and exploring how to prepare for your cold room visit.


When and how do you enter the cold?

Once you’ve booked your hotel room, you enter through a door marked “cold room”.

This door leads to a hallway with no other people in sight.

There is no ventilation.

Inside the room, there are no windows, and the temperature stays below zero for the majority of the time.


Are there food items available in the coldroom?


The cold room also has a small kitchen, fridge, and microwave.


Do you need a towel to dry yourself?

Yes, but only if you’re using a towel that comes with a warm towel.

If you’re dry, you won’t need a separate towel.


What is the difference between a hotel room and a cold room?

Cold rooms are not connected to an internet connection, so you won