Why are so many animals kept in the dark?

The Indian government has announced a new initiative to clean the cold rooms of abattories, factories and other large industrial establishments.

The government will clean them up in the same manner as other indoor and outdoor spaces.

The National Capital Region Corporation for Urban Agriculture (NCUA) will be tasked with the task.

According to a report in The Hindu, the NCAU will be given an office in the National Assembly Building and tasked with cleaning the cold room.

In addition, a committee will be formed to monitor the cleaning of the cold space.

In a similar fashion, the NCUA will be entrusted with the process of sterilising the cold tanks and hot rooms.

According to the report, the sanitation and hygiene department will be headed by a retired civil servant, who will oversee the task of cleaning the room.

The NCAu is also tasked with monitoring the cleaning process and is also to be empowered to conduct regular inspections to ensure the cleanliness of the space.

In order to ensure a clean and healthy environment for animals, it will be necessary to sterilise and clean the hot and cold tanks.

In the cold tank, which is used to cool the animals, a water supply line is to be provided to ensure water is not mixed with faeces.

The cold tank can be cleaned by using a special water treatment system that is meant to sterilize the water.

According the report:In order for the cold-water tanks to be cleaned and disinfected, they need to be sterilised and the hot-water tank should also be sterilized.

The cold-tank is meant for sterilising and disinfecting.

The hot-tank can also be used to clean a tank for cleaning purposes.

The NCA u will also be responsible for cleaning the floors of cold tanks in the cold and hot tank.